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fresh unprepared chicken legs

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Alberta Noor Meats is the first to be licensed in Alberta to practice slaughter without stunning. We are very proud of this accomplishment and stand by the quality and high caliber of every single chicken we sell. Honesty and conversation with all of our customers are very important to us and we work hard to provide you with the best chicken for your family.

What is Slaughter without Stunning?

Standard practice for poultry slaughter is the stunning of the bird prior to exsanguination at slaughter. In Alberta, this is accomplished using either an electrical water bath or gas stunning using carbon dioxide. In waterbath stunning the live animal is shackled, inverted, and hung by its legs as the beak/part of the head is dipped into a bath of water that has an electric current running through it. In gas stunning, the animal is exposed to carbon dioxide until it is unconscious.


Slaughter without any method of pre-stunning is known as slaughter without stunning (SWS) and has a number of benefits:

  • Ensures that the animal does not die prior to exsanguination at slaughter

  • Prevents unnecessary distress to the animal

  • Allows maximal drainage of blood from the animal, reducing the growth of bacteria


Slaughter without stunning (SWS) follows the Alberta Meat Inspection guidelines. 


Animal welfare is paramount in our process. SWS ensures that welfare risks are mitigated and that the animal is healthy and unharmed before slaughter.


Live birds are not shackled. They are placed in specifically designed cones where they are held with wings restrained. This process does not injure or inflict undo stress to the bird, nor does it cause struggling or vocalization. Once in the cone, the birds are slaughtered without delay via a neck cut using a long sharp blade.

If you are still unsure with our process, click HERE for our documentation giving us the ability to offer this product!

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